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Do these five exercises every morning and feel better the rest of the day

It is necessary for everyone to do a simple set of functional exercises every morning. This will make them feel better for the rest of the day. Here are five essential exercises that you must do every morning. You can increase the timing of each move or add some variations to the steps if you want to.

1. Walk-Out Push-Up


This exercise targets many muscle groups and so accelerates the heart rate. You should first stand with your feet about hip-width distance apart. Now fold forward at the hips, and reach your hands to the floor. Once your hands touch the floor, walk them forward slowly until your spine is in a neutral position. You will now be in the push-up starting position. Do a full push-up and walk your hands backward close to your feet, then roll your spine up slowly to get back to the starting position.

2. Standard Squat


Your brain becomes active with this exercise. In a squat, you first need to stand tall with your feet a little apart. Your feet must completely be on the ground with your core tight and spine straight. You should look straight in front so that your neck is in line with your spine. All these adjustments require some thinking. Put your hands out in front and slowly begin to squat down, just the way you sit in a chair. You should stay in your squat position for some time and then come back to the starting position.

3. Hip Bridge


Here also, the brain is actively engaged. The move consists of foot placement, breathing, and weight distribution. The toes remain on the floor, and the glutes and hamstrings engage and elongate the hips while your body changes direction.

4. Jumping Jacks


It is an excellent way to wake up your feet in the morning. All you need to do is spread your hands and legs and simply jump. Repeat the movement a few times. This exercise also works for multiple muscle groups and increases your heart rate.

5. Plank


This involves pushing, pulling, holding and carrying. Many muscles are used in this exercise. It teaches you how to stabilize the rib cage and glueo-hip area.

You should spend five minutes every morning doing these exercises. It will provide sufficient blood flow to your muscles, improve your metabolism and lubricate your joints. These exercises will also improve the strength you need to function in life.

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